Growing Milkwort Flowers – Tips On Uses For Milkwort In Gardens

By Bonnie L. Grant Wildflowers have a special place in my heart. Hiking or biking around the countryside in spring and summer can give you a whole new appreciation for the natural beauties of this world. Milkwort may not have the cutest name and it isn’t native to North America, but it is one of the stars of the show from summer to early fall in Europe. Milkwort wildflowers are perennial herbs that have a long history as a medicinal. Keeping reading to learn more about this interesting plant. Milkwort Plant Info Common milkwort is found in grasslands, heaths and dunes. It is a familiar sight in the landscape in Britain, Norway, Finland and other European countries. Polygala vulgaris is the plant’s scientific designation. The Greek polugalon means “to make much milk.” This describes the plant’s historic use as an aid to increase lactation in new mothers. There were many


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