DIY Wasp Trap Info: Do Homemade Wasp Traps Work

By Bonnie L. Grant Homemade wasp trap instructions abound on the internet or you can also purchase ready-made versions. These easy-to-assemble traps simply catch the wasps and drown them. Almost any household container can be converted quickly and easily into an effective wasp trap. The best wasp traps on the market can’t hold a candle to your homemade version. Learn how to make a homemade wasp trap in this article. DIY Wasp Trap Info Wasps are terrifying to many people who have been stung. They are, however, beneficial insects whose main job is to eat other insects. Wasps are attracted to proteins and sugars which can make those summertime picnics less than comfortable. Sprays and baits can be helpful but generally contain toxins that may not be appropriate around your family. A safer and non-toxic way to minimize the insects is to use a little DIY wasp trap info to


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