Kangaroo Apple Growing – What Is A Kangaroo Apple Plant

By Amy Grant Ever heard of kangaroo apple fruit? You may not have unless you were born down under. Kangaroo apple plants are native to Australia and New Zealand. So what is a kangaroo apple? Read on to learn more. What is a Kangaroo Apple? Kangaroo apple plants are unrelated to apples, although they do bear fruit. A member of the Solanaceae family, Solanum aviculare is also sometimes referred to as New Zealand nightshade, giving us a clue as to the characteristics of the fruit. Nightshade, another Solanaceae member, is poisonous like many other Solanacea members. Many of them contain potent alkaloids that may be toxic although we eat some of these “toxic” foods – such as potatoes and tomatoes. The same can be said of kangaroo apple fruit. It is toxic when it is unripe. Kangaroo apple plants are bushy shrubs that grow between 3-10 feet in height covered


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