Gemsbok Cucumber Fruit: Gemsbok African Melon Info And Growing

By Amy Grant When you think of the family Cucurbitaceae, fruit such as squash, pumpkin and, of course, cucumber comes to mind. All of these are perennial staples of the dinner table for most Americans, but with 975 species that fall under Cucurbitaceae’s umbrella, there are bound to be many most of us have never even heard of. Desert gemsbok cucumber fruit is likely one that is unfamiliar. So what are gemsbok cucumbers and what other gemsbock African melon info can we dig up? What are Gemsbok Cucumbers? Gemsbok cucumber fruit (Acanthosicyos naudinianus) is borne off an herbaceous perennial with long annual stems. It has a large tuberous rootstock. Like squash and cucumbers, the stems of desert gemsbok cucumbers jumble out from the plant, grasping at surrounding vegetation with tendrils for support. The plant produces both male and female flowers and a resulting fruit that looks artificial, like a plastic,


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