Deodar Cedar Info: Tips On Growing Deodar Cedar In The Landscape

By Teo Spengler Deodar cedar trees (Cedrus deodara) are not native to this country but they offer many of the advantages of native trees. Drought tolerant, fast-growing and relatively pest free, these conifers are graceful and attractive specimens for the lawn or backyard. If you are thinking of growing deodar cedar trees, you will find these evergreens perfect for specimens or soft hedges. Read on for more details about deodar cedar care. Deodar Cedar Info This airy evergreen cedar tree rises to 50 feet or more when cultivated, and much taller in the wild. It is native to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and thrives in the coastal regions of the United States. Deodar cedar trees grow into a loose pyramid shape, with 2-inch long whorled needles that give the tree a soft allure. The branches extend almost horizontally, angling slightly down, and the tips rise slightly. Needles of the deodar


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