Container Gardening Supply List: What Do I Need For A Container Garden

By Liz Baessler Container gardening is a fantastic way to grow your own produce or flowers if you don’t have the space for a “traditional” garden. The prospect of container gardening in pots can be daunting, but, in reality, virtually anything that can be grown in the ground can be grown in containers, and the supply list is very short. Keep reading for more information about container gardening products. Container Gardening Pots The most important item on your container gardening supply list is, obviously, containers! You can buy a huge assortment of containers at any garden center, but really anything that can hold soil and drain water will work. You can use any old bucket you may have lying around, as long as you drill a hole or two in the bottom for water to escape. You can build your own container out of wood, provided you take precautions against


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