Squirting Cucumber Uses – Information About The Exploding Cucumber Plant

By Amy Grant The name immediately makes me want to know more – exploding cucumber plant or squirting cucumber plant. I’m not one of those adrenalin junkies that love anything that explodes and makes noise, but I’m still curious. So what are squirting cucumber plants? Where on earth does the volatile squirting cucumber grow? Read on to learn more. Where Does Squirting Cucumber Grow? Squirting cucumber, also known as spitting cucumber (the names just keep getting better!), is native to the Mediterranean region. It has been introduced to other regions as a garden curiosity for its unique fruit. It was introduced as an ornamental curiosity to the Adelaide Botanical Gardens in 1858, for instance. It certainly didn’t stop there and can now be found not only in the Mediterranean, but in Southwest Asia and Southern Europe. Considered a weed in Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco, squirting cucumber plants were


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