Yacon Plant Care: Yacon Planting Guide And Information

By Liz Baessler Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is a fascinating plant. Above, it looks something like a sunflower. Below, something like a sweet potato. Its taste is most frequently described as very fresh, a cross between an apple and a watermelon. It is also known as sweet-root, Peruvian ground apple, Bolivian sunroot, and pear of the earth. So what is a yacon plant? Yacon Root Info The yacon is native to the Andes, in present day Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. It’s gaining worldwide popularity, however, in part because of its unusual source of sweetness. Unlike most tubers, which get their sweetness from glucose, yacon root derives its sweetness from inulin, which the human body can’t process. This means you can taste the sweetness of yacon root, but your body won’t metabolize it. This is good news for people looking to lose weight, and especially good news for diabetics. The yacon


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