Alligator Weed Facts – Learn How To Kill Alligatorweed

By Bonnie L. Grant Alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides), also spelled alligator weed, hails from South America but has been widely spread to the warmer regions of the United States. The plant tends to grow in or near water but can also grow on dry land. It is very adaptable and invasive. Getting rid of alligatorweed is the responsibility of any riparian or waterway manager. It is an ecological, economic and biological threat. Bone up on your alligatorweed facts and learn how to kill alligatorweed. The first step is correct alligatorweed identification. Alligatorweed Identification Alligatorweed displaces native vegetation and makes fishing difficult. It also clogs waterways and drainage systems. In irrigation situations, it reduces uptake and flow of water. Alligatorweed also provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. For all these reasons and more, alligatorweed removal is an important conservation effort. Alligatorweed can form dense mats. The leaves may vary in shape but


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