Problems With Celery Plants: Reasons Why Celery Is Hollow

By Amy Grant Celery is rather notorious for being a finicky plant to grow. First of all, celery takes a long time to mature, up to 130-140 days. Of those 100+ days, you will need primarily cool weather and plenty of water and fertilizer. Even with careful pampering, celery is prone to all sorts of conditions. A fairly common one is celery that is hollow. What causes hollow celery stalks and what other problems might you encounter with celery plants? Why is My Celery Hollow Inside? If you’ve ever bitten into a piece of celery, I’m sure you noticed its crisp texture and satisfying crunch. Water is the key element here and, boy, celery needs a lot of it! Celery roots are short reaching, only about 6-8 inches away from the plant and 2-3 inches deep. So celery plants can’t reach out for water; the water must be brought to


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