Snapdragon Seed Heads: Tips For Snapdragon Seed Collecting

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Snapdragons are familiar, old-fashioned flowers named for the blooms that resemble little dragon jaws that open and close when you gently squeeze the sides of the flowers. The segmented blooms must be pollinated by big, strong bumblebees because honeybees aren’t sturdy enough to open the jaws. Once the pollinated blooms die back, another unique feature of the plant is revealed – the snapdragon seed heads. Read on to learn more. Snapdragon Seed Pod Info When the snapdragon flowers die, the dried seed pods, which look like tiny, brown, shrunken skulls, prove just how beautiful and strange nature can be. Watch for the seed pods in late summer, then get your camera because your friends will never believe it! The odd-looking seed heads have been the source of legends for hundreds of years. One story says that women who eat the skull-like


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