Maypop Weed Control: Tips On Getting Rid Of Wild Passionflowers

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Maypop passionflower plants (Passiflora incarnata) are native plants that attract bees, butterflies and other important pollinators. The passionflower plant is so lovely that it’s hard to believe it is a troublesome weed in warm climates where the rampant growth isn’t naturally reined in by winter freezes. Let’s learn more about getting rid of wild passionflowers. Maypop Weed Control In certain areas, including the southeastern United States, tangled patches of wild passionflower weeds cause problems in hay fields, croplands, wooded areas, pastures, on rocky slopes and along roadsides. Wild passionflowers grow rapidly by means of an extensive system of underground roots, and getting rid of the plants isn’t an easy task. Read on to learn more about maypop weed control. Getting Rid of Wild Passionflowers Naturally If you want to control ornamental plants in your garden, remove suckers and wayward growth as


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