Fashion over 50: The Little Black Dress

destin fashion and beach156_20150917

While Beth and I were at the beach, we had a day of cloudy weather, so naturally we went shopping. What else do you do at the beach when it’s not beach weather, right? We spotted a thriftstore that I hadn’t been in before, Haven House thrift and checked it out for a couple of hours. I hadn’t planned on finding more dresses, but that’s the beauty of thrift shopping. You never know what you’ll find.

So, it ended up being Little Black Dress day for both of us. Beth found 2 and so did I, so then we decided to do a photoshoot before we left the beach. What better place to show off little black dresses?

Little black dresses are a staple in most women’s wardrobe. I have a couple of them already that I’ve had for years and you really can’t go wrong with black. It’s elegant and sophisticated at the same time and you can dress them up or down, depending on the shoes paired and the jewelry worn.

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