Rose Cane Gall Facts: Learn About Cynipid Wasps And Roses

By Stan V. (Stan the Rose Man) Griep American Rose Society Certified Consulting Rosarian – Rocky Mountain District Denver Rose Society Member The first time I saw rose cane galls was when a long-time member of our local rose society called and asked me to come see some peculiar growths on a couple of his rose bush canes. Two of his older rose bushes had areas on several canes where round growths bulged out. The round growths had little spikes coming out that resembled new rose thorns forming. We pruned out a few of the growths for me to investigate further. I placed one of the round growths on my work bench and slowly cut it open. Inside I found a smooth inner-walled chamber with two little white larvae. Once exposed to the light, the two larvae started doing the rapid larvae hula! Then all at once stopped and moved


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