Using Parsley For Butterflies: How To Attract Black Swallowtail Butterflies

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener My parsley is attracting butterflies; what’s going on? Parsley is a familiar herb that makes an attractive garnish or provides a bit of flavor and nutrition to soups and other dishes. Parsley is easy to grow and the ruffled leaves add beauty and interest to the herb garden. This is probably old news, but what you may not know is that parsley is a butterfly-friendly plant, and is especially beneficial for attracting black swallowtails, anise swallowtails and others. Read on to learn about parsley attracting butterflies, and tips for growing parsley for butterflies. Eastern Black Swallowtail on Parsley Parsley is suitable for growing as a perennial in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. By planting parsley, you’re doing a huge favor for eastern black swallowtail butterflies, as this species feeds only on a few plants, including: Dill Parsley Fennel Carrots


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