Don’t just “Fall Back”, get prepped for the winter!

Every fall, Americans across the country gain an extra hour each day when they “fall back” and reset their clocks one hour later with the end of Daylight Savings Time.

image by jpctalbot

image by jpctalbot

This year, don’t just fall back. Take a few steps ahead to make sure you’re also prepared for what the fall and winter bring. Here’s a list to get started.

  1. Set all clocks back by one hour, but don’t forget wristwatches and digital clocks in your vehicles.
  2. Unpack all emergency kits/Bug Out Bags. Check for stale food, leaks in containers, clothing and shoes that no longer fit. If you’ve discovered a new “must have” for your kit, now is the time to add it.
  3. Repack all emergency kits and bags for the winter. Include hand and foot warmers, gloves, wool caps, extra wool socks, long johns (my silk long johns have lasted at least 2 decades and still keep me warm), a small emergency stove/heater.
  4. While you’re at it, take a look at the emergency kit/supplies you keep in your car. For the winter you may need to add an ice scraper and brush, a sturdy show shovel, a box of kitty litter. Throw a pair of waterproof boots in the trunk and this homemade emergency heater. Roll up a couple of wool blankets and store them under the back seats.
  5. Round up all flashlights and battery-powered lanterns and check to make sure the batteries still have some juice. Replace old batteries and make sure you have at least 1 extra set of new batteries for each set that you replace.
  6. Test your generator and make sure you have enough fuel to last at least 2-3 weeks.
  7. Hit a few thrift stores or yard sales and buy extra blankets. They have so many uses during the winter, aside from the obvious.
  8. Equip your kids’ coat pockets with hand and foot warmers and, for signaling, LED flashlights and whistles.

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