Managing Bermuda Grass: Learn How To Kill Bermuda Grass In Lawns

By Bonnie L. Grant Bermuda grass is an aggressive warm season turfgrass and fodder. It can become invasive and infest other turfgrasses, most notably zoysia grass and tall fescue. The usual herbicides may be toxic to the wanted species, so managing Bermuda grass when it invades the lawn takes some special steps. Controlling Bermuda grass in flower beds is a little easier, but the tenacious roots require deep removal or the plant will simply reestablish itself. Read on to learn some tips on how to get rid of Bermuda grass but not the plants you want to keep in your garden. Bermuda Grass Control Bermuda grass is native to the harsh climate of Africa. It is widely used in the southwest and southern United States. The plant’s vigor and tolerance of heat, drought and heavy foot traffic make it an ideal choice to colonize difficult to maintain, low nutrient areas.


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