Fancy Sidewalk Stenciling Competition!

beginning stencil

Today I’m sharing a fun project I just completed and I hope you’ll jump in on this one with me, because this is a competition. Yes! A friendly little fun competition! I’m competing with another blog friend, Chelsea with Two-Twenty One, who also did a stencil project and we will be going head to head for votes.

So, I hope I can count on all of YOU to vote for me. PLEASE take the time to vote for me. The competition will end on October 30 and you can vote every day. If you vote, you will be eligible to win a FLEX pressure washer (and one attachment) for yourself as well. The winner of the competition between myself and Chelsea, will win a $1,000 Lowes gift card, so I’d love to win that!! (with your help!)

Let’s take a look and see how this all came about. Troybilt contacted me awhile ago and asked if I’d like to join this competition and use their new Troybilt FLEX pressure washer machine to complete this fun stencil project. She sent me samples of what they were talking about with the stencils and I thought it looked really fun.

Besides, I have a really dirty sidewalk that could use some artwork on it, so why not?!

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