Pimento Sweet Peppers: Tips For Growing Pimento Peppers

By Amy Grant The name pimento might be a little confusing. For one thing, it’s also sometimes spelled pimiento. Also, pimento sweet peppers binomial name is Capsicum annum, a nomenclature that is an umbrella for all the species of sweet and hot peppers. Regardless, if you love peppers, pimento pepper plants make a tasty, as well as ornamental, addition to the garden. So how to grow pimento pepper plants? Read on to learn more. About Pimento Sweet Peppers Pimento peppers are small, sweet heart-shaped peppers that ripen to red in color. They only get to be about 1 ½ inches across and are very mild with a Scoville heat rating of less than 500 units. Pimento stuffed green olives and pimento cheese are two very familiar packaged products found at the grocers which use this type of sweet pepper. Depending on the variety, plants may become large and bear hundreds


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