Beaufortia Care: Learn About Beaufortia Growing Conditions

By Bonnie L. Grant Beaufortia is an astounding blooming shrub with bottle brush type bright flowers and evergreen foliage. There are numerous types of Beaufortia available for curious home gardeners, each with a slightly different hued flower and habit. Where does Beaufortia grow? This plant is native to Western Australia. Gardeners in warm season climates may see Beaufortia growing in containers, borders, perennial gardens or as stand-alone sentinel species. Continue reading for more Beaufortia plant info so you can decide if this plant is right for your landscape. Beaufortia Plant Info On a continent populated by such wonders as koalas and kangaroos, is it any surprise that a remarkable plant such as Beaufortia would be present? There are 19 species recognized by the Australian government but many more cultivars created for home gardeners. The wild species are cultivated in limited numbers because they can be quite finicky. The cultivars are


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