Dad’s Fall Greens Garden

fall gardenIMG_4749_20151017

Every year at this time, my dad has planted his Fall greens garden. It’s like clockwork for him. Once the summer garden is over and done, he gets his garden prepared for Fall greens and it’s a beautiful sight to see. We know how important my dad’s garden is to him. It keeps him going and we love that he is still so passionate about his hobby that has lasted a lifetime. We do not want to discourage that, it truly does keep him going and living life. We do, however, wish that he would slow down a little and maybe stick to planting one garden instead of two. We haven’t won that argument yet either and I’m quite sure in the spring, he will once again plant his Georgia backyard garden and their NC mountain house garden. It might be time to slow down, but he is not owning it yet.

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