Pear Tree Fertilizer: Tips On Fertilizing A Pear Tree

By Amy Grant When conditions are optimal, pear trees are generally able to uptake all the nutrients they need through their root systems. That means that they must be planted in fertile, well-draining soil with a soil pH of 6.0-7.0 in full sun with a good amount of irrigation. Since life isn’t always perfect, however, knowing how to feed a pear tree and when to fertilize pears can make the difference between a healthy, productive tree and an ailing, low yielding tree. When to Fertilize Pears Fertilize pears prior to bud break if possible. If you have missed your window of opportunity, you can still fertilize until June. Don’t apply pear tree fertilizer in the late summer or fall. If you do, the tree will likely produce a whole bunch of new growth which will then be at risk of damage due to frost. Fertilizing a pear tree will result


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