Growing Esperance Plants: Information On Silver Tea Tree

By Teo Spengler The Esperance silver tea tree (Leptospermum sericeum) wins a gardener’s heart with its silvery leaves and delicate pink flowers. The little shrubs, native to Esperance, Australia, are sometimes called Australian tea trees or Esperance tea trees. They are easy to grow and require little maintenance when planted in appropriate locations. Read on for more Esperance tea tree information. Australian Tree Trees It’s easy to fall for the highly ornamental, silver tea tree, a member of the large Myrtaceae family. If you read Esperance tea tree information, you’ll find that the trees produce generous amounts of silky pink flowers annually. The blossoms generally open in spring, but they can flower at any point between May and October depending on when your area gets rainfall. The silvery foliage is beautiful with and without the flowers. Each flower can grow to 2 inches across. Although the plant is only native


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