English Stonecrop Care: Tips For Growing English Stonecrop

By Bonnie L. Grant English stonecrop perennial plants are found wild in Western Europe. They are common nursery plants and make excellent fillers in containers and beds. The tiny succulents grow on rocky slopes and sand dunes which illustrates their hardiness and ability to thrive in low fertility areas. English stonecrop plants are also drought tolerant. There are very few tricks on how to grow English stonecrop sedum as they are a low maintenance, nearly fool proof plant to grow. English Stonecrop Plants If you are looking for a plant that you don’t have to baby, spreads over time to form a lovely, low carpet, and produces pink starry flowers, look no further than English stonecrop (Sedum anglicum). These plants are in the Crassulaceae family of succulents. English stone crop establishes easily from bare root and requires little extra care to root and grow. These minimal care plants have even


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