Eggplant Support Ideas – Learn About Support For Eggplants

By Amy Grant If you have ever grown eggplant, then you probably realize that supporting eggplants is imperative. Why do eggplant plants need support? Fruit comes in several sizes depending upon the variety, but staking eggplants regardless of size will also retard disease while allowing for optimal growth and yield. Read on to learn about eggplant support ideas. Do Eggplant Plants Need Support? Yes, it is wise to create a support for eggplants. Staking eggplant keeps the fruit from touching the ground which, in turn, reduces the risk of disease and fosters fruit shape, especially for elongated eggplant varieties. Eggplants are also prone to falling over when heavily laden with fruit, so supporting your eggplants will protect them from potential damage and fruit loss if they fell over. Staking eggplant also makes for easier harvesting. Eggplant Support Ideas Eggplants are botanically related to tomatoes, which they pair beautifully with. Eggplants


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