Fixing Wilted Parsley Plants: Reasons A Parsley Plant Is Wilting

By Bonnie L. Grant Most herbs are easy to grow in well-drained soil and bright light. Parsley is no exception. This common herb has a rich history of use for flavoring, medicine, ritual purposes and it even freshens your breath after a meal. Wilted parsley plants may represent a water issue or even disease. Refreshing wilted parsley might be as simple as providing water, but be cautious. Too much moisture can have a similar effect and may promote rot, a condition the plant can’t overcome. Why a Parsley Plant is Wilting You’ve planted a variety of herbs in your cottage garden or a window box and now it’s time to let them flourish and begin using them in your favorite dishes. One day you look out the window and wonder, “why is my parsley plant wilting?” Site conditions, lighting, moisture levels, disease, damping off and even failure to harden off


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