Control Of Kikuyugrass – How To Get Rid Of Kikuyugrass Weeds

By Teo Spengler These days, kikuyugrass (Pennisetum clandestinum) is often termed “kikuyygrass weeds” but it wasn’t always the case. Imported a century ago as ground cover, kikuyugrass proved an extremely aggressive perennial turfgrass that has become a real pest in California and other parts of the country. Most people who have this turfgrass in their backyards are asking how to get rid of kikuyugrass. Read on for tips about removing kikygrass and how to kill kikuyugrass organically. What are Kikuyugrass Weeds? Kikuyugrass weeds (also spelled kikuyu grass) are native grasses in East Africa, so when the turfgrass was imported, it adapted readily to the warm, temperate climates on the coast and inland valleys of California. It was planted on ditch banks in an attempt to stop erosion, but it rapidly jumped over into the surrounding countryside. It has been an invasive pest ever since. In ornamental plantings, kikuyugrass invades and


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