Container Grown Celery: Can I Grow Celery In A Pot

By Amy Grant Celery is a cool weather crop that takes 16 weeks of optimal weather conditions to mature. If you live in an area that tends to have hot summers or a short growing season as I do, you may never have attempted to grow celery even if you love the crunchy veggie. Since I love celery raw and for use in a variety of dishes, I thought, can I grow celery in a pot? Let’s find out! Can I Grow Celery in a Pot? Turns out that yes, container grown celery plants are not only possible but circumvent the vagaries of the weather mentioned above. Celery grown in pots allows you to move the plant around to keep it in an ideal temperature range. You can also start celery early in pots, well before the frost free date in your area and then transplant to a larger container


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