Albuca Cultivation: Tips On Caring For Albuca Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant Albuca is an arresting bulbous flower that is native to South America and Arabia. The plant is a perennial but in many North American zones it should be treated as an annual or dug up and overwintered indoors. Caring for Albuca isn’t difficult provided the plant is in the correct site where soil drains well, is moderately fertile and average moisture is available. The biggest problems when growing Albuca are rotten bulbs from excess wet and frost damage. Albuca Information There are many forms of Albuca. These flowering plants all have similar flowers but can grow extremely varied forms of foliage dependent upon variety. Albuca is also known as Soldier-in-the box and Slime lily. The latter is due to the slimy sap the plant exudes when broken or damaged. Despite the rather disgusting name, Albuca leaves and blooms are covered in downy hairs which emit a

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