Repotting Sago Palm Trees: How And When To Repot A Sago Palm

By Liz Baessler Sturdy, long-lived, and low maintenance, sago palms are excellent houseplants. They are relatively slow growing, and may only need repotting every one or two years. When the time comes, however, it’s important to move your sago palm to a new container to ensure its healthy growth. Keep reading to learn how to repot a sago palm plant. When to Repot a Sago Palm How do you know when to repot a sago palm? Often, the plant itself will tell you. Sago palms’ roots are surprisingly large for the size of their foliage. Even if your palm looks modest above ground, you may notice roots escaping through drainage holes, water taking a long time to drain, or even the sides of your container bulging out. This means it’s time to repot! In warm areas, you can do this any time during the growing season. In areas with short


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