Bismarck Palm Care: Learn About Growing Bismarck Palms

By Teo Spengler It’s no wonder the scientific name of the exceptional Bismarck palm is Bismarckia nobilis. It’s one of the most elegant, massive and desirable fan palms you can plant. With a stout trunk and symmetrical crown, it makes a great focal point in your backyard. Planting Bismarck Palm Trees Bismarck palms are huge, gracious trees native to the island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. If you are planting Bismarck palm trees, be sure that you reserve enough space. Each tree can grow to 60 feet high with a spread of 16 feet. In fact, everything about this attractive tree is oversized. The silvery-green copalmate leaves can grow to 4 feet wide, and it isn’t unusual to see trunks as thick as 18 inches in diameter. Experts do not recommend growing Bismarck palms in a small backyard since they tend to dominate the space. Growing Bismarck


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