Wheat Curl Mite Control – Tips On Treating Wheat Curl Mites On Plants

By Amy Grant Have you ever grown garlic or onions and been distressed to see that the plant has stunted gnarled, yellow streaked leaves? Upon closer inspection, you don’t really see any insects. Well, it’s quite possible they’re there but just too small to see without a microscope. You are probably looking at wheat curl mite damage. What are wheat curl mites and what wheat curl mite control is there? Read on to learn more. What are Wheat Curl Mites? Wheat curl mites (Aceria tulipae) are tiny, almost microscopic plant feeding mites. They have 2 pairs of legs near the head which is perched atop a cigar-shaped body. Their favorite food, as the name suggests, is wheat, but they also infiltrate fields of onions and garlic. Wheat curl mites on plants become active in the spring and their populations virtually explode as temps increase; 75-85 degrees F. (23-29 C.) are


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