Sago Palm Problems: Tips On Treating Sago Palm Diseases

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Are you wondering how to treat sago palm problems showing up on your tree? Sago palms aren’t actually palm trees, but cycads – ancient cousins of pines and other conifers. These slow-growing tropical trees are relatively disease-resistant, but they are susceptible to certain sago palm tree diseases. If your tree isn’t looking its best, read on to learn the basics of identifying and treating sago palm diseases. Getting Rid of Sago Palm Diseases Here are some common diseases of sago palm and tips on treating them: Cycad scale – This sago palm problem isn’t a disease, but the powdery white substance on the leaves may lead you to believe your palm has a fungal disease. Scale is actually a tiny white pest that can destroy a sago palm very quickly. If you determine your tree is affected by scale, prune heavily


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