Is Ruellia Invasive: Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mexican Petunias

By Kristi Waterworth Lawn and garden maintenance can be one daunting task after another, especially if you’re struggling with plants that keep popping up where they’re not wanted. Ruellia, also known as Mexican petunia, is one of those annoying little plants that walks the line between being a beautiful ornamental and an incredibly noxious weed. They can be defeated in the home landscaping, but it takes a great deal of patience to knock them back. Is Ruellia Invasive? Although plenty of gardeners have cultivated Ruellia brittoniana over the years, it has since escaped home gardens and become classified as an invasive plant in nine states, stretching from South Carolina to Texas. Because of its adaptability and rapid reproduction, Mexican petunia has managed to supplant native species in many areas and across several types of natural communities. If you want to cultivate this plant, it’s still ok to do so, provided


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