Oriental Bittersweet Information: Guide To Oriental Bittersweet Control

By Teo Spengler Many people asking about oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) aren’t interested in growing it. Instead, they want to know how to eradicate oriental bittersweet. This climbing woody vine, also known as round-leaved or Asian bittersweet, was once planted as an ornamental. However, it escaped cultivation and spread into wild areas where it crowds out native trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Read on for information about killing oriental bittersweet. Oriental Bittersweet Information Oriental bittersweet plants are vines that grow up to 60 feet long and can get four inches in diameter. They are fast-growing and attractive, with light green, finely toothed leaves. The round yellow fruits split to reveal red berries that birds happily devour all winter long. Unfortunately, oriental bittersweet plants have many very effective methods of propagation. The bittersweet plants spread within colonies by seeds and root sprouting. Oriental bittersweet control becomes necessary because the vines also


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