White Pumpkin Leaves: How To Get Rid Of Powdery Mildew On Pumpkins

By Amy Grant Do you have a white powdery mildew on your pumpkin leaves? You’re in good company; so do I. What causes white pumpkin leaves and how can you get rid of that powdery mildew on your pumpkins? Keep reading to find out more about treating powdery mildew on pumpkin plants. What Causes White Pumpkin Leaves? The reason we have a powdery mildew on our pumpkin leaves is because it is caused by a leaf infecting disease that is very common. The name is, in fact, “powdery mildew” and is given to a group of diseases caused by related fungi. Each one has a different host, but they all share the same appearance – a grayish-white, powdery carpet that can be seen on leaves, stems and flowers. Unlike other fungal diseases, powdery mildew thrives in warm conditions and does not require moisture to grow. How to Get Rid of

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