Gladiolus Seed Pods: Harvesting Gladiolus Seeds For Planting

By Bonnie L. Grant Gladiolus don’t always produce a seed pod but, in ideal conditions, they can grow little bulbets that have the appearance of seed pods. Most plants that grow from corms or bulbs will produce offsets or bulbets that can be divided away from the parent plant and grow separately. The seeds from these type of plants can be planted but will take years to produce, so it’s much easier to start new plants from the bulbets or offsets themselves. You can, however, try saving gladiolus seeds to preserve a favorite variety and share with other gardeners. It’s easy to do, but the flowers are a long time coming. Gladiolus Seed Pods Gladiolus seed pods occur after the flowers are spent. They are small and innocuous, and most gardeners don’t bother with them because glads grow so much more quickly from their bulbs. Starting gladiolus from seed is


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