Saving Peach Seeds – How To Store Peach Pits For Planting

By Liz Baessler Can you save peach pits for planting next season? This is a question asked by perhaps every gardener who has just finished a peach and is looking down at the pit in their hand. The easy answer is: yes! The slightly more complicated answer is: yes, but it won’t necessarily reproduce the peach you just ate. If you’re looking to eat more of your beloved peaches, go buy some more. If you’re looking for an adventure in gardening and a new variety of peach that may be even more delicious, then keep reading to learn how to store peach pits. Saving Peach Seeds Storing peach seeds may not be necessary, depending upon where you live. In order to germinate, peach pits have to be exposed to prolonged cold temperatures. If your climate experiences long, reliably cold winters, you can just plant your peach pit directly in the


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