Lavender Container Care: Tips On Growing Lavender In Pots

By Liz Baessler Lavender is a favorite herb of a lot of gardeners, and for good reason. Its soothing color and fragrance can pervade your garden when fresh and your home when dried. Few can resist its charms. Unfortunately, few live in a climate similar to its hot and sandy Mediterranean home. If your winters are too cold or your soil is too dense, or even if you just want that fragrance closer to home, growing lavender in pots is a great idea. Keep reading to learn about potted lavender care and how to grow lavender in containers. Growing Lavender in Pots Lavender can be grown from seed or from cuttings. The seeds should be placed on top of sandy soil and covered lightly with a layer of perlite. They ought to sprout in two to three weeks. Cuttings should be taken from plants just below a node (where a


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