Petunia Companion Planting – Tips On Choosing Companions For Petunias

By Liz Baessler Petunias are fantastic annual bloomers. If you’re looking for bright colors, good variety, and forgiving growing conditions, look no further. If you’re really serious about adding some color to your garden or patio, however, you might want some companions for petunias to mix things up a bit. Keep reading to learn what to plant with petunias. Petunia Companion Planting One of the great things about petunias is that they are so diverse. Some varieties like “Wave” and “Surfinia” will trail out of a basket or creep along as groundcover. Many grow straight up, but some get so top heavy when they do this that they’ll cascade over the edge of a pot. Companion planting with petunias is often about picking a plant whose shape accents their shape. If you’re planting in a container and want to try the Thriller, Filler, Spiller effect, plant small upright petunias around


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