Japanese Cedar Tree Facts – How To Care For Japanese Cedar

By Teo Spengler Japanese cedar trees (Cryptomeria japonica) are lovely evergreens that become more splendid as they mature. When they are young, they grow in an attractive pyramid shape, but as they grow older, their crowns open further to form a narrow oval. The trunk is straight and tapered with spreading branches that droop toward the ground as the tree develops. Read on for Japanese cedar tree facts including how to care for Japanese cedar. Japanese Cedar Tree Facts Japanese cedar trees have many ornamental features. Their short, shiny needles are an eye-catching shade of blue-green, arranged in spirals pointing toward the tip of the stems, like foxtails. The foliage bronzes in winter. The wood is fragrant, waterproof, light and resilient. They can live over 600 years. Japanese cedar facts include information about the mahogany colored bark. It peels off in long strips, making the tree ornamental all year long.


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