Chrysanthemum Information: Annual vs. Perennial Chrysanthemums

By Bonnie L. Grant Chrysanthemums are flowering herbaceous plants but are mums annual or perennial? The answer is both. There are several species of chrysanthemum, with some being hardier than others. The perennial type are often called hardy mums. Whether your chrysanthemum will come back after winter depends upon which species you have. If you aren’t sure which one you purchased, the best thing is to wait until next spring and see if there are any renewing leaves poking up from the soil. Facts About Chrysanthemum Flowers Chrysanthemums were cultivated in China as early as 15th century BC. The plants were used as herbs and the roots and leaves were eaten. The plant migrated to Japan several centuries later and thrived in the temperate climates of Asia. Today, the plant is a common fall garden sight and gift plant. One fascinating bit of chrysanthemum information is that its favorable reputation


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