Lavender Plant Care: Reasons For Drooping Lavender Plants

By Liz Baessler Whether in the garden or containers, lavender is a fabulous plant to have on hand. You can cook with it, dry it into sachets, or just leave it where it grows to perfume the air. But what do you do when it starts to fail? Keep reading to learn about lavender plant care and how to deal with drooping lavender plants. Lavender Flowers Drooping Lavender flowers drooping is a very common problem, and if often comes down to water. Knowing how often to water lavender is usually all it takes to get it fighting fit. Lavender is a Mediterranean plant that prefers sandy, low quality soil that drains very quickly. If you’ve planted it in dense soil or are watering it daily, this might be the cause of your lavender flowers drooping. The key to lavender plant care is, in a way, keeping yourself from caring too


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