Best Astilbe Varieties – Types Of Astilbe Good For Planting In Gardens

By Bonnie L. Grant There are many types of astilbe from which to choose. Noted for their finely dissected foliage and airy plumes, these shade lovers brighten any dark area of the garden and are notably easy to grow and cultivate. Among the many astilbe plant varieties are those with flowers of red, white, pink or lavender, but also different tones of foliar color. Peruse any plant catalogue and you will find astilbe varieties for almost any taste. Pay attention to planting zone, as some astilbe plants are more hardy than others. Choosing Your Astilbe Varieties I have deep affection for astilbes. They provide me with a nearly foolproof solution for the shady and low light areas of my garden. As an added bonus, there are many astilbe plant varieties from which to choose. Foliage hues range from bronze to deeply green and even reddish tones. The size and hardiness


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