A Year From Now…

karen lamb quoteWhat do you wish you had started back on January 1, 2015? An exercise program to build your strength and endurance? Stocking a food storage pantry? Paying off debt and saving money? Losing weight for overall physical health?

Whatever it is, make 2016, the year it happens. Every tiny bit of progress builds to one major accomplishment.

Got New Years Resolutions? I may be able to help…

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To help you with your New Years Resolutions, I have these resources for you:

Lose weight/get in shape: Skinny Survival Moms (and others) on Facebook

Save money/get out of debt: 52 Weeks Savings Plan group on Facebook

Get started with food storageFood storage pantry resources

Start homeschooling the kids: Homeschool resources and my advice

Learn new skills: My Skill of the Month Club — pick and choose which you want to learn!

Get away from store-bought food and products: Download this free mini-book

Declutter the house and get organized!: This mini-book is for you!

Read more books: Here’s my list of favorite books in the survival/prepper niche.


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