Black Spots On Jade Plant: Reasons A Jade Plant Has Black Spots

By Bonnie L. Grant Jade plants are one of the most popular succulent houseplants. There are many varieties from which to choose, each of which has similar cultivation needs. Jade plant problems that cause black spots range from insects, viruses, fungal disease and even incorrect care. Succulents like jades have low moisture needs and can become seriously damaged in poorly draining containers and planting media. Sucking insects and various diseases can also take a toll on foliar health and appearance. It is important to investigate possible causes for spots on jade plant leaves. Proper diagnosis can lead to correction of the issue and the return of your plant’s health. What Causes Black Spots on Jade Plant? Who isn’t charmed by the jade plant’s chubby leaves and ease of care? If the plant is in the correct light, a low humidity area and has the proper potting mix, these plants don’t


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