Does Weather Affect Plant Growth: Effect Of Temperature On Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Does weather affect plant growth? It sure does! It’s easy to tell when a plant has been nipped by frost, but high temperatures can be every bit as harmful. However, there is a considerable disparity when it comes to temperature stress in plants. Some plants wilt when the mercury begins to climb, while others are at their best in extremes that would leave weaker plants begging for mercy. How Does Temperature Affect Plant Growth? High temperatures affect plant growth in numerous ways. The most obvious are the effects of heat on photosynthesis, in which plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, and respiration, an opposite process in which plants use oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. Experts at Colorado State University Extension explain that both processes increase when temperatures rise. However, when temperatures reach uncomfortably high limits (which depends on the plant),


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