Where Do Pine Nuts Come From: Learn About Growing Pine Nut Trees

By Bonnie L. Grant Pine nuts are a staple in many indigenous cuisines and have migrated to the United States as a part of our family table. Where do pine nuts come from? The traditional pine nut is the seed of stone pines, natives to the Old Country and not widely grown in North America. These tasty seeds are harvested from the tree’s cones and are just one of 20 species of edible pine nuts. There are several pine trees that will produce reasonably sized seeds for harvesting that will thrive in North American regions. Once you know how to grow pine nuts, you can store seeds for up to a year for your family’s use. How to Grow Pine Nuts Toasted pine nuts in salads, pastas, pesto and other dishes add a nutty crunch and earthy flavor to any recipe. Pine nut harvesting is an arduous process and adds


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