Elephant Ear Problems: What To Do With Elephant Ears Taking Over Garden

By Bonnie L. Grant The tropical elephant ear plant is a sight to behold and not one many will forget. The massive leaves and speedy elephant ear growth rate make this a plant that is perfect for maximum impact in the garden. Do elephant ears affect nearby plants? There are no alleopathic properties in the corms, but this can be an invasive plant and the excessive size may pose problems for species that live under the giant foliage. Choosing the right location for the plant and cleaning up after it drops those humongous leave should minimize any issues in the garden and keep your elephant ear garden friendly to all the other denizens of the landscape. My Elephant Ears are Taking Over! Fans of foliage plants should be well aware of the elephant ear’s charms. This tropical Arum is an excellent choice for pond edges, lightly shaded areas and as


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