Toddy Palm Tree Info – Learn About Growing Toddy Palms

By Liz Baessler The toddy palm is known by a few names: wild date palm, sugar date palm, silver date palm. Its Latin name, Phoenix sylvestris, literally means “date palm of the forest.” But what is a toddy palm? Keep reading to learn about toddy palm tree info and toddy palm tree care. Toddy Palm Tree Info The toddy palm is native to India and Southern Pakistan, where it grows both wild and cultivated. It thrives in hot, low wastelands. The toddy palm gets its name from the popular Indian drink called toddy that is made of its fermented sap. The sap is very sweet and is ingested in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms. It will start to ferment just a few hours after it’s harvested, so to keep it non-alcoholic, it’s often mixed with lime juice. Toddy palms also produce dates, of course, although a tree may only produce


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